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1-Self serve and Deluxe package: A cake of 12 to 14 pieces (6x8) is included in each private room package.
If those portions of cake are not sufficient, you can double the size of your cake(8'x12' = 24 portions) for only 5$ so you may serve the adults. 
The balance of the cake can be to taken home.

2- You have 2 birthday child?
For an additional fee +tx, The second birthday child will receive all the same surprises of the birthday child included in the package chosen. Call us for inquiries.

Self serve and Deluxe package:
For an extra 5$+tx, each child will receive there own small birthday cake (round 7") instead of one 6x8 cake for the party.

3- On all birthday packages, children between 12 to 35 months will benefit of a 5$ rabate on additional children's price.

4- Early bird special: Save 15% on reservation that is scheduled for 9:00. Arrival at 9:00 in the room for 9:30. APPLICABLE ON IN ROOM PARTIES ONLY.

5- On Self serve and Deluxe packages it is possible to bring your own cake and replace the Jungle Adventure cake for tokens at same value.

6-Self serve and mini parties packages: for only 15$, add a deluxe decoration to your cake, ex: Minions, Batman, Spiderman, Frozen, Nemo, etc.

7- Extras:
    - Cotton candy
    - Loot bags 4.00$ +tx
    - Toys
    - T-shirts